Analyzing My $20K Winning Roto Team

Marc Gasol, Stephen Curry - NFBKC Winning Team

by RotoE on April 22, 2015

This NBA season I finally drafted & guided a magical team to the title. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve won plenty of league titles & contests before, but I’ve never had a “perfect season,” where every draft pick is golden and every player that you add immediately gets hot. Pure perfection may never happen, but this team came pretty damn close. (Read More…)


We’re down to the stretch run of the NBA’s regular season, so it’s time to finish strong!

In this article we focus on players that can be expected to play more minutes the rest of the way, for different reasons. (Read More…)

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We’ve reached the halfway point of the season, with most teams having played 41 games now. We’re also just a month away from the NBA’s trade deadline, so it’s time to examine every team’s current rotation while considering potential trade candidates.
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Updated Positional Tiers + Analysis

Post image for Updated Positional Tiers + Analysis

by RotoE on December 9, 2014

Our Positional Tiers have now been updated, and this includes supplemental analysis for the Top Tier players!

Just how good have Jimmy Butler & Klay Thompson been?!? (Read More…)

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My Sweet 16 Teams for 2014-15

NBA Fantasy Basketball - Players to Target & Avoid

by RotoE on October 30, 2014

Here are my “Sweet 16” teams for this season, which are a combination of my favorite teams to watch and the teams I’m most heavily invested in for my high-stakes fantasy leagues.

Find out which players I own on multiple teams and which guys I need to step up in order to win $ in my big leagues. Needless to say, I’ll be very focused on these teams. (Read More…)


2014-15 Projected NBA Standings

2014-15 Projected NBA Standings

by RotoE on October 28, 2014

Projected win-loss records have been updated one last time to reflect preseason injuries and performance. Will OKC even make the playoffs?!?

Last season 7 of our 8 recommended wagers ended up winning, and inside you can find RotoE’s actual wagers placed. (Read More…)


RotoEvil’s Ultimate Draft Tracker Tool

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by RotoE on October 26, 2014

Our RotoEvil Draft Tracker Tool is the most useful & effective fantasy basketball tool available. It features sortable Stat Projections for 350+ players, Customizable Rankings and Auction Values based on your league settings, built-in Positional Tiers that automatically update, and the useful Team Tracker sheet to monitor your team’s strengths & weaknesses as you’re drafting.

Make sure you download the latest file! (Read More…)


Positional Tiers for 2014-15

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by RotoE on October 26, 2014

On draft day, it’s crucial to know how players rank compared to other players at the same position. And by using RotoEvil’s superb Positional Tiers / Player Rankings, you’re gaining a huge advantage over the competition. Which centers are comparable to DeAndre & Dwight?

Last Updated: October 26th (Read More…)


Results From a High-Stakes Auction Draft

Post image for Results From a High-Stakes Auction Draft

by RotoE on October 26, 2014

Auction drafts can be chaotic and exhausting, so you should have a plan going in and must do your best to stay cool under pressure.
In this article I examine the winning bids (both good and bad), then give you a closer look at my team: Cool Hand Evil. (Read More…)


Team Depth Charts (UPDATED)

Fantasy Basketball Team Depth Charts

by RotoE on October 25, 2014

Only a few roster cuts remain now, and there’s been a few key injuries recently. Take a look at every team’s updated Depth Chart as we enter the regular season. (Read More…)

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If you are a current RotoEvil subscriber, you’ll want to follow these instructions on how to gain access to my new protected Twitter account, as well as our new email address that you can use to ask for assistance all season long.

Are you ready to win your leagues?!? (Read More…)


Young Breakout Stars for 2014-15

 NBA Fantasy Basketball - Players to Target & Avoid

by RotoE on October 20, 2014

A year ago we profiled both Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis, and they were very impressive in 2013-14.

Naturally, younger players are more likely to have big jumps in production. So here we focus on 36 players who are under the age of 25. UPDATE: A few Breakout Stars have been added or replaced! (Read More…)


Career Year Candidates

NBA Fantasy Basketball - Players to Target & Avoid

by RotoE on October 19, 2014

Studies have shown that the average peak age for NBA players is between 25 and 28 years old. Having several years of pro experience under your belt definitely helps, but you also need the right opportunity and environment to be successful.

UPDATE: We’ve added 2 new Career Year Candidates! (Read More…)


CDM Challenge Tool

Fantasy Basketball - CDM Challenge Roto Contest

by RotoE on October 17, 2014

The CDM Challenge is a salary-cap based contest with a $10,000 grand prize. Improve your odds of winning with our CDM Challenge Tool, which gives you a list of the top value players at each position and roster sheets to form your starting lineups. (Read More…)


Draft Day Tips

Fantasy Basketball - Draft Day Tips

by RotoE on October 15, 2014

Here are some useful tips to help you dominate your fantasy basketball drafts.

Combine these suggestions with our awesome draft tool and extensive knowledge of players, and you’re well on your way to confidently building a winning squad. (Read More…)

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Players to Be Careful Of

Fantasy Basketball - Players to Be Careful Of

by RotoE on October 12, 2014

In this article we focus on players to be careful of for the upcoming season. In Part 1 we examined 23 guys who are recovering from injuries, as well as 19 older players who are past their primes.

In Part 2 we examine 9 teams with Ugly Looking Timeshares… (Read More…)


Auction Drafts: Tips & Strategies

Fantasy Basketball Auction Drafts - Tips & Strategies

by RotoE on October 11, 2014

Auction drafts are very different than normal snake drafts, and things can get hectic & confusing fast if you’re not well-prepared.

So in this article we examine the pros and cons of different auction strategies, and provide you with helpful tips so that you can stay calm, cool and confident, and come away with the strongest team in your league. (Read More…)


Yahoo’s O-Rank: Underrated & Overrated

Yahoo's O-Rank: Underrated & Overrated

by RotoE on October 11, 2014

For their default rankings, Yahoo has some very mysterious “O-Ranks.”

Here are 53 Underrated players and 37 Overrated players, relative to what Yahoo’s O-Ranks are suggesting. (Read More…)


ESPN: Underrated & Overrated

Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Value Picks

by RotoE on October 10, 2014

Many times players are taken too early or they fall too far simply because of their default ranking.

So here we examine ESPN’s Rankings and their suggested Auction Values to give you 33 Underrated players and 27 Overrated players to focus on. (Read More…)


Deep Sleepers for 2014-15

Fantasy Basketball Sleepers, Value Picks and Players to Target

by RotoE on October 9, 2014

In this article we focus on 24 players who are either unheralded rookies (non-lottery picks), or guys who averaged less than 10 points and 22 minutes per game last year.

These players all have intriguing potential, and are worth considering if you play in deeper leagues. Read more if you’re looking for some TRUE sleepers for the season ahead. (Read More…)