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Purchase RotoEvil’s 2012-13 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide

Our 2012-13 NBA Fantasy Draft Guide is now available, and we DARE you to find another draft guide that is more precise, insightful, accurate & effective. It’s loaded with in-depth player analysis, proven strategy articles and badass spreadsheet tools, and is simply the finest NBA fantasy draft guide around.

If you want to be the most knowledgeable & well-prepared owner on draft day, then you should purchase RotoEvil’s Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide. Just click on the button below, or scroll down to read more…

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RotoEvil’s 2012-13 Draft Guide includes:

-The Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Draft Tool
Without a doubt the most powerful & effective NBA Fantasy Draft Tool around. In one Excel spreadsheet you can: create customized rankings based on your league’s settings/scoring categories, view stat projections & category ratings for the Top 350+ players, track your team’s strengths & weaknesses as you’re drafting, and view the built-in Tiers sheet that eliminates players as they’re picked, so you can quickly target who the top players left are. This is the tool you need if you want to dominate your draft.

-400+ Player Profiles
To win the majority of your fantasy leagues you need more than just numbers & spreadsheets, you need thorough knowledge and a deep understanding of every single player and their team situations.

RotoEvil’s Draft Guide includes Player Profile analysis on over 415 players, detailing what their strengths & weaknesses are (in terms of both fantasy value & on court skills), and providing an “outlook” for the season ahead. We explain why we like or dislike certain players/teams and why their stats should increase or decline, and suggest what kind of potential they have and where you should consider drafting them. We’re sure to provide you with DEEPER insight than our competitors.

-Positional Tier Rankings
If you can only draft with 1 sheet of paper in front of you, this is the one you want! By breaking down the Top 350 players into Tiers for each position, it helps you hone in on who the top players still available are and which positions you should be targeting. Other sites have Tier sheets, but ours will blow away the competition.

-80 Players to Target
Drafting a winning fantasy team is all about targeting the right players on draft day. Here we advise you on 80 Players to Target for the 2012-13 season. We break them down into the following groups, and explain why they’re ready to take their games to another level:

8 Career Year Candidates (guys 25-29 who are ready for career years)
12 Bounceback Ballers (guys who should bounce back from down years)
30 Young Breakout Stars (guys 20-24 who will make big improvements)
30 Ultra-Deep Sleepers (guys under the radar who should be watched)

-120 Players to Avoid
While targeting the right players is key, you must also know which players to AVOID on draft day. Here we list 70 players that you should avoid completely and 50 players to be careful of. By staying away from guys on this list, you’ll greatly minimize your chances of making poor picks and getting burned.

-Weekly Schedule Grid & Team Depth Charts
Our Weekly Schedule Grid is more intuitive to use than others that you’ll find, and our Team Depth Charts are updated routinely during preseason. Use the Depth Charts to get a clear picture of each team’s rotation, then use the Schedule Grid to effectively manage your own fantasy teams.

-Overrated & Underrated Comparisons
Since some owners rely on default ranking suggestions, we examine Yahoo & ESPN rankings and tell you which players they are ranking way too high and way too low. Knowing who is overrated and who is underrated by the “average” fantasy basketball owner helps a great deal on draft day.

-More Spreadsheet Tools
Our Draft Guide also includes a CDM Challenge Tool and projected NBA Team Standings. The CDM Basketball Challenge is an annual fantasy hoops contest with a $10,000 grand prize, and we help you target the best “value” players to start off with to give you a strong chance at winning the grand prize. And if you’re interested in placing over/under bets on team wins, we also supply projected win-loss records for each team.

-Proven Strategy Articles
Many useful strategy articles are also included, such as our always popular Cornerstone Combos (which players should you target in rounds 2-5 to team up with your 1st round building blocks?) and our exclusive 1+ Three/47% FG and 1+ Block/77% FT club articles (who are the most dynamic fantasy players?).

Other articles include: Roto vs. Head to Head (which players are better suited for Roto or H2H leagues?), Contract Year Players (who is motivated?), and Auction Draft Tips (tips on how to dominate an auction draft). After consuming this wealth of knowledge, you’re almost guaranteed to form a WINNING fantasy team on draft day.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about the draft guide, simply email us and we’ll respond right away.

To purchase RotoEvil’s 2012-13 Draft Guide, use the button below:

NOTE: If you aren’t automatically returned to RotoEvil.com after purchasing, simply click on the “Return to RotoEvil.com” link and it will transport you to the correct “Member Registration” page. Thank you.

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